Message: “To:Us – Mighty God” from Chace Ifland

Chace Ifland - December 11, 2022

To:Us - Mighty God

Christmas can be an incredibly fun time of year filled with lights, carols, parties, and gifts. The problem with Christmas celebrations is that even when they bring us a joyful December, they always end, and life goes back to normal in January because Christmas trees and cookies can't fix our world's brokenness. The promise from Isaiah 9:6, though, is that a Mighty God was given to us at the first Christmas who can and will fix all of the brokenness in our world.

From Series: "Christmas at Redemption - To: Us"

Christmas is the one major holiday celebrated simultaneously as both a secular and a Christian holiday. Each December, we experience Christmas as a celebration of lights, trees, and candy canes alongside hope, joy, and peace. As familiar as we may be with the season, we more deeply experience the power of Christmas when we unwrap the meaning of God's gift that was given to us.

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