New Redemption Kids Ministry Vision and Call to Serve

We are entering a new season in Kids ministry beginning in January 2020.

We’re about six years into the life of our church and as is with many churches and ministries we’ve honed and learned and grown in so many ways. We’ve also entered into a season that lacks the fun, excitement, and energy we’d all like to see. Since we will ruthlessly fight for growth in breadth and depth for our kids, we want to pursue new avenues emphasizing joy, fun, and volunteer care.

We see this growth taking shape in the form of a new schedule, format, and location for all our kids and volunteers that lends itself to deeper teaching, more fun, higher energy, and streamlined volunteer processes. We’re using a fun camping theme that will attract the youngest through the oldest of our kids.

This will have lots of moving parts, but the big idea is that all kids will gather for a high-energy big group time and then split up by age group. They’ll rotate through Games, Bible, and Hands-On time in their age groups, and then come together again for a closing time of fun and review of the morning.

We’ll be working through logistics like drop-off, pick-up, and bathroom breaks, but right now our greatest need and desire is to use the gifts already present in our body to bless each other. This will mean that we have a few specialized roles (like teaching the Bible story, leading our Hands-On time, and running games) and then many places for support to just be here on Sundays, love on kids, help them where they need it within rotations, and build friendships with other volunteers.

Kids and volunteers alike want to be part of something that’s fun and meaningful. We’re asking God to do big things with this ministry, his ministry, and we want to be faithful with the big-picture vision as well as the nuts and bolts of making a change this large.

Our goals are:

  •  growth in breadth and depth for our kids
  •  to pursue new avenues emphasizing joy, fun, and volunteer care
  •  to streamline volunteer service
  •  to glorify God by using the gifts of adults and students within our body
  •  to raise the bar of disciplining kids through deep teaching, engaging creativity, and encouraging unity

This new way of doing Redemption Kids will change in the following ways:

  • schedule – large group times at beginning and end with three rotations throughout the morning
  • format – kids divided into groups by age that will rotate through Bible teaching, Games, and Hands-On time
  • location – the gym and lobby area will be divided age-appropriately to emphasize unity and efficiency

Click here for a detailed breakdown of the big changes to our format.

Click here for a more detailed breakdown of roles.


(Many roles serve just once a month and we will help find the role that is right for you.)