We are launching Redemption Church in 2013 for two reasons: we love Jesus, and we love the people of Edmond and Oklahoma City.

Redemption is based on a deep belief that Jesus came to rescue broken people like you and me. The gospel, or good news, of Jesus is that our redemption is not accomplished by what we do for God but by what God has done for us. The more we focus on who Jesus is and all that he’s done for us, the more we are freed to enjoy him and to live for him. Jesus calls his followers to gather in churches on a mission to make his redemption life available to others.

Redemption is here for seekers and followers, doubters and believers. Redemption is here for people who are addicted and for people who are self-righteous. Redemption is here for the lonely and for the over-committed. Redemption is here for people who have no church background and for people who have been in church for years.

So, bring your faith and your doubt, your celebration and your struggle, your worship and your sin. Redemption is here for you.