Serve Our City – Restore OKC Workday

Every second Saturday we are partnering with Restore OKC for a Workday. This is because we believe Jesus has called us to participate in acts of mercy. We want to engage our hearts by making acts of love a habit. This is a great opportunity to learn from those closest to the kingdom. Below, Restore OKC provides a brief…

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The story of the Bible is the story of Jonah is the story of you and me. In the garden of Eden, God speaks, and Adam and Eve question the goodness of God’s request. God speaks to his prophet Jonah, and Jonah is reluctant to accept God’s call. What about you? Do you ever find…

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We are launching Redemption Church in 2013 for two reasons: we love Jesus, and we love the people of Edmond and Oklahoma City. Redemption is based on a deep belief that Jesus came to rescue broken people like you and me. The gospel, or good news, of Jesus is that our redemption is not accomplished…

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